Welcome to the blog, friend/family member/stranger.  If you don’t know me, I’m Ari.

I’m about to study on Alexander Muss High School in Israel for eight weeks, or two months.  (They’re interchangeable so use whichever one feels longer/shorter, depending on how soon you want me to come home.)  I will be spending a lot of time on the Alexander Muss campus, in Hod HaSharon (thirty mins outside of Tel Aviv).  But throughout my trip, I’ll be traveling all over Israel, as I somehow manage to learn thousands of years of Israeli history in eight weeks. (slightly skeptical but really intrigued)

I have no idea what to expect, but as long as I come home having eaten copious amounts of falafal and shawarma, and having made some great new friends, I will be pretty satisfied.

Follow @thatisraelicool on Instagram for more pictures, and follow the blog below to get notifications to your email when I post.  Thanks for sticking around as I go on this really exciting adventure.



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